Tips about Proofreading



It does not really matter if you are just writing an ordinary email, a vital job application copy or letter for your own website, making something that’s just free from spelling and grammatical errors is important.

Proofreading is very mundane and time-consuming and due to this, a lot of people utilize the automated spelling checkers. But, as we will prove in this site, majority of these programs have imperfections and could miss out the most obvious mistakes. There are no substitutes for proper proofreading, and you must never treat this specific part of writing very lightly. A lot of people would say that they don’t really need to know on how to proofread. For this very reason, we will compile some tips that might aid you if you like to check your work for grammatical and spelling errors.

  1. Proofreading needs concentration – prior to starting to proofread, you have to look somewhere that is quiet wherein you could place all your focus on doing the task. You could not proofread documents while you are sitting on a train or bus, or while you are watching a movie. You have to set your focus based on the documents that you will be proofreading and must place yourself away from any distractions.

  1. Make a copy of the material that you will be proofreading – the expert proofreaders would always make another copy of the documents or materials that they would proofread. This would enable them to give a head starting in correcting and editing the process by means of taking down notes of the document. If you will proofread some documents, you must not try to do the job in the computer. The text would appear differently if it is in the screen and this could really affect your sight. Be sure to visit website here!

  1. Read the documents aloud when you proofread – a lot of proofreaders would read the materials out loud so that they would be able to easily identify the errors. Whenever you read something, you will be using two senses such as your hearing and sight. Through this, it will improve your chances to detect something that is written incorrectly. You would also be able to detect misplaced commas, periods, question marks, etc. Look for more information about proofreading, go to

  1. Give more attention to the apostrophes and contractions – another very common area wherein proofreaders have to identify are the contractions and apostrophes. Most often, these errors consist of words such as ‘your’ and you’re, they’re and their, and its and it’s. These errors are due to insufficient grammatical understanding and knowledge.

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